Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today my mom picked up a copy of Tails - a complimentary magazine for dog owners.  They had a section called Perfect Parties for You and Your Pet which included the following suggestions:
  • Chuckit! duck butts - love those things; Every dog should have one!  They suggest bobbing for them in plastic pools - been there, done that!
  • for official MLB bandanas, collars, etc.  Mom should get me some Yankees gear!
  • Bowser Beer - probably the greatest discovery ever!  It's beer made especially for dogs! The "Products" page on their website is pretty informative - the beer contains USDA beef or chicken, malt barley, and glucosamine.  They don't contain alcohol, carbonation, hops ("can be toxic to dogs"), or commercial broth.  Good to know, since dogs like me love the smell of beer and always want a taste!  Their locations list says mom and dad can buy this at Fish and Bone in Boston (where they bought me the baseball rawhide yesterday)!

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