Monday, August 29, 2011

A Beautiful Day...

This evening I went to the park with Dad, Mom, Uncle Billy, and Cody.  We saw some great views...

I found a nice big puddle to get muddy in...

Before going home, Mom and Dad took me for a quick swim in the Charles...

Post-Hurricane Irene

Luckily we didn't have any damage to our house - just lots of leaves and branches in the yard.  After the hurricane passed we went to the dog park which was in the same condition as our yard...

I met a doberman puppy named Vader - he was 4 months old, but I can already tell I'll be looking up at him in a few months!

Dog Sign: Massachusetts

The guy on this sign is wearing loafers to walk his dog in the woods...  At the same dog park as the other spiffy sign!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm...

The rain has slowed down to a drizzle, so Mom took that opportunity to take me for another walk... 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Ahead...

In preparation for the impending hurricane, Mom got bottled water for my water bowl (I'm like a royal dog or something) and some Purina Busy Rollhides.  I'll be a couch potato this weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Certainly the Friendliest Ghost I Know!

Yesterday Mom got me a Casper toy - yup, Halloween toys are already in the stores!  Usually she would have waited until October to buy Halloween toys, but Casper was just so cute she couldn't leave without him!

He kind of reminds me of the Bic man...

My new blankey

I'm loving the new blanket that Mom got me!  Now I can lie on the couch whenever I feel like it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dog Sign: London

These signs made Mom and Dad laugh when they were walking through St. James Park in London. 

I don't think those parks sound fun.  No swimming?  And more importantly, no disturbing wild fowl?  Sheesh.

Other Silly Dogs

Mom was going through her photos from London and found a few of dogs being silly in Hyde Park...

Like myself, this tough guy is a duck enthusiast:

And this guy is the English version of me...  Although, I wish I had some kids to chase me around!

Dog Sign: Chicago

When Mom was in Chicago two months ago she saw this sign.  Looks like Snowy from Tintin!

Duck Hunting from Afar

Last weekend Mom and Dad took me for a walk along the Charles.  There were so many ducks to chase - it's too bad I had to stay on a leash!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doggy Toothbrush

Earlier I mentioned that I hate my toothbrush.  My mom really wanted to keep my teeth nice and clean when she got me, so she bought the KissAble toothbrush and toothpaste made by Cain & Able. 

I like the taste of the toothpaste...

But I'm not so sure about the toothbrush - I like to pretend I don't see it...

Dog Sign: New York

When my mom was in NY this past weekend she saw this sign in Battery Park.  I'm offended.


Oh yeah, she got me a new blanket too!  Very soft and cozy!

Wash & Go

My mom got me some personal hygiene items from W.A.G. Wash & Go.  I actually don't mind these wipes to clean my ears and especially my teeth (I hate my toothbrush)!! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Artwork, Fartwork

Look at what Mom bought today.  When Dad came home he hung it in the kitchen:


Please, sir, I want some more...

Today at the park I saw someone from my past - a little white dog named Oliver.  Here's my story with Oliver:

When I first came to my new home I was a little leash aggressive.  Once I learned to swim my parents enjoyed a few minutes of letting me off the leash, but as soon as another dog came nearby they would leash me. 

One day last summer I was swimming at the local boat ramp and a woman came up with her little dog, Oliver.  My parents didn't hear them coming so I was off the leash and they definitely got tense!  Well, I was such a good boy!  Oliver and I just sniffed one another and then went in the water.  My parents were so impressed that soon after they brought me to my first dog park to see how I would do.  Needless to say, I behaved myself and now I go to the park all the time!

I haven't seen Oliver since that day at the boat ramp... so we spent some time catching up and playing.  He's 1/10th of my size, but chased me around like he was the big guy! 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Pal

This weekend Cody's dad was dogsitting a boxer named Bucca. 

We spent some time playing outside...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Air Bud Boston

Today I stayed home while Mom and Dad went to Hampton Beach.  They brought back a new toy though!

They also stopped at got ice cream at J.P. Licks.  They had never been there before, but they found out they sell doggy ice cream in cups the same size as people ice cream - not puny servings like Erikson's!  My mom promised that I can go next time!  YAY!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Humping and Cancer

Since my parents adopted me they have gone back and forth about having me neutered.  At first, when I was 1 and full of energy, they liked the idea - especially when the vet said intact males have an extremely high rate of being killed by cars. 

Now I'm 2.5 years old, and I'm a pretty mellow guy.  The one problem is sometimes I hump other dogs...  Never at the dog park!  It only happens if I'm around the other dog for a few days consecutively.  I've tried it with Cody (...yup) and Riley (cougar).

What it really comes down to is cancer

Can you guess the death from cancer rate in Golden Retrievers?  According to the article When Cancer Comes With a Pedigree by Melinda Beck (Wall Street Journal, May 4, 2010) it's 60% - twice the average rate for all breeds!  This statistic includes three types of cancer:
  • Lymphoma - "a cancer of the white blood cells"
  • Osteosarcoma - "a cancer of the bones"
  • Hemangiosarcoma - "a particularly nasty cancer of the cells that line the blood vessels whose first symptom may be sudden death."
Despite this disheartening news, Beck provides some tips to minimize the risk of cancer:
  • Avoid second-hand smoke (My dad has been smoke free for 4 weeks today.  I was a major factor in this decision!  Thank you, Dad!)
  • Avoid pesticides
  • Avoid phenoxy herbicides
  • Maintain a healthy weight
My mom always tells me I remind her of Sundance, the dog her parents got two years before she was born.  He lived until age 14 when he was put to sleep in 1996.  He was intact and was not put down because of cancer or other health issues - it was old age.  After that was Chelsea, a spayed female who died suddenly at 13, and most recently Libby (Liberty) who had cancer throughout her body at age 9 last autumn.  That track record alone shows why my mom would choose not to have me fixed. 

Next article: Can We Neuter Cancer in Dogs? by Kevin Hahn, HVM, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVIM.  Hahn starts the article saying he reviewed information from the past 30 years about hormones and cancer in dogs.  Check out his conclusions:
  • Neutering eliminates the risk of testicular carcinomas
    • Bye-Bye Balls: 1 | Keep my Manhood: o
  • Prostate cancer is 4x greater in neutered males
    • Bye-Bye Balls: 1 | Keep my Manhood: 1
  • Bladder tumors are 0.5 to 3x greater in neutered/spayed dogs
    • Bye-Bye Balls: 1 | Keep my Manhood: 2
  • Osteosarcoma is 2x greater in neutered/spayed dogs
    • Bye-Bye Balls: 1 | Keep my Manhood: 3
Also interesting about males and females that are fixed before the age of 1 - which at this point I will never be:
  • They have a 25% lifetime risk for osteosarcoma
  • The likelihood that they develop a tumor is "significantly more likely" than an intact dog.
Well, that's enough depressing shit for one day.  It's no good to keep reading this stuff, then you become Doggie Downer.

Not Working

Just resting on the couch watching my mom as she works from home...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waiting on a Friend

Around 5:30 I always know it's time for my dad to come home.  Usually my mom opens the blinds overlooking the driveway so I can sit on the bed and watch for him.

Once I see my dad's truck in the driveway I run to the front door to greet him.  I usually make it to the door before he does, so I jump up to look out the window. 

Alas!  Dog's best friend is home!

Dog Sign: Massachusetts

The other night I saw this sign at the dog park...  Looks like this is where spiffy folk walk their spiffy dogs...

What on Earth is that lady carrying?  Is that her implement to remove dog feces?  It looks like the thing people use to clean up garbage in McDonald's (not that I've been to McDonald's).