Monday, August 8, 2011

Please, sir, I want some more...

Today at the park I saw someone from my past - a little white dog named Oliver.  Here's my story with Oliver:

When I first came to my new home I was a little leash aggressive.  Once I learned to swim my parents enjoyed a few minutes of letting me off the leash, but as soon as another dog came nearby they would leash me. 

One day last summer I was swimming at the local boat ramp and a woman came up with her little dog, Oliver.  My parents didn't hear them coming so I was off the leash and they definitely got tense!  Well, I was such a good boy!  Oliver and I just sniffed one another and then went in the water.  My parents were so impressed that soon after they brought me to my first dog park to see how I would do.  Needless to say, I behaved myself and now I go to the park all the time!

I haven't seen Oliver since that day at the boat ramp... so we spent some time catching up and playing.  He's 1/10th of my size, but chased me around like he was the big guy! 

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  1. Knucklehead Dog (and your mom),

    This story is so sweet. I've been scrolling through all of your blog entries and love it to pieces! You sound like a really amazing dog with a great life. :)