Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunny Sunday

It has been so long since my last post... Mom broke her computer (sigh). Luckily she just set up the Blogger app on her phone, so I can share photos once again!

I've been having some fun adventures. For Memorial Day Mom and Dad took me to NY! I was happy to see my pals Pippa and Riley. I was also excited when Mom's cousins, boys ranging in age from 3 to 12, decided to play some lacrosse... It was like Monkey in the Middle - or Monty in the Middle!

Unfortunately I got a bad hot spot by my ear so I haven't been swimming this past week, but it's almost healed with the help of some medication. Since I've been well behaved all week, Mom an Dad took me to Castle Island in Boston, then we went to the NE Aquarium to see the harbor seals, I love those guys!

Ps. I can't figure out how to label or rearrange photos with this app so:

1. Me and Pippa wrestling (May 27th)
2. At Castle Island (June 10th)
3. Water break in Boston (June 10th)
4. Ouch, my hot spot after a visit to the vet! (June 1st)
5. Playing lifeguard - I wanted to hop in so bad! (May 28th)